Lower Your Heating And Cooling Costs, By Replacing Your Drafty Windows.

The cost of heating and cooling your home has risen substantially. You have dialed back the thermostat during the winter months, and raised the air conditioning setting a few degrees during the summer. You pull the drapes closed to keep the sun out during the day, and the heat in at night. Still, your bills continue to climb. When you sit down at the end of a long day, you pull your feet up under you because a winter draft makes the floor cold. These are all symptoms of poorly constructed and inefficient windows. You could significantly reduce your utility bills, improve the appearance of your home, and keep the drapes open with new window installation in utah.

When you invest in energy efficient replacement windows, you investment in your home. You will notice an immediate curb appeal improvement. You will notice lower utility bills during every season. When you have energy efficient windows in your home, you can leave the drapes open, allowing in, a view of the world outside. You can let the sunlight to stream into your home, providing natural light. With UV protection on the windows, they will prevent the harmful UV rays from entering your home. The UV rays can cause sun damage to your furniture and sun bleach delicate fabrics. You may also notice a reduction in noise pollution. If you live in an area of heavy traffic or neighbors that like loud music, new windows can significantly reduce external noise.


Made from a patented AirCell PVC material, the window frames are sturdy, secure, and will last for generations to come. Unlike the older windows that may have been painted shut, or have broken sashes, new windows are easy to open and close. When you raise the window, it will stay open. Older windows can pose a security issue. Older window locks do not always work the way they did when the windows were first installed. If you have recently purchased an older home and discover wooden bars wedged in-place as a way to lock them, contact American Home Services Window Installation to schedule a demonstration and estimate.

Cleaning your new windows will be a breeze. By simply opening the window and sliding two buttons, you can tilt the windows inward. No more climbing ladders or carrying buckets of window cleaning products around the house. You can tilt the window in, spray it with window cleaner and wipe it dry. Tilt the window back into place, and repeat with the upper half of the window. Washing windows will no longer be a twice a year chore that you dread. Because it is so easy, you will find yourself cleaning your windows more often.

Deciding to replace your windows can be a big decision, but it is a decision you will never regret. Adding value and beauty to your home, the difference will be immediate. Now that you are ready to hire a professional window installation utah, go to http://americanhomeservicesinc.com/services/windows, to get started, today.

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